Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Best Intentions...

Jilm? Do I know you? Are we supposed to have coalesced in some shared space some time ago? I have good recall. Never forget a face. And voices? You could lead me blindfold into a room, have ten people line up and intone the same meaningless phrase, you know something like 'consumer advisory product service' and just like a cola taste test, I could name you each one 100% for sure. But names? Names are unreliable. Shortened by others because of sorry assed stamina. Or mebbee handles people give themselves cos it offers up their character in advance, just so you can 'get' them. Pet names. Nick names. Rep names sposed to sow respect and terror. Anonymous names to hide behind. That what we got ourselves here? Cos jis giving me a name without any corroboration ain't worth squat.

These communiques, these bulletins you fire off at me. They ain't embedded in anything. I think they're fliers. I reckon you're loosing off words, figuring to see what shit they can stir. I bet you go fishing with a rifle full of buckshot and some hand grenades, in place of a hook and a line, don't'cha? Well I ain't no sucker fish. I don't take any bait. You still gotta Jilm, show me who this Jilm character is exactly. You came to me first remember? I never sought you out. You gotta reveal to me what your purpose is in all this. I wanna know what it says on your dog tags and your blood group. So prove who you say you are and mebbee then we can talk turkey.

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  1. Oh, Sam, it looks like you've done exactly what I had hoped you wouldn't do.

    Your independence is important for your own growth, but you mustn't go thinking you can do this all on your own. You are not your own person, or persons. You are connected, and you have responsibilities to your commander, as you correctly stated days ago.

    I think you're due for a visit.

    Please ensure your family's safety first.