Thursday, October 1, 2009

Jilm and the Grocery Carts

I sure do know that I haven't been myself these past couple of weeks. Even my cat is looking at me funny.

I was at the grocery store earlier picking up some items after work and the guy who stacks carts pulled me over to the side of the store and told me he had something important to tell me. Weeks ago I would have run with fear, and dodged his gaze. The old me would have avoided eye contact with anyone. But tonight I couldn't help but investigate the intrigue. He introduced himself as Jilm, though I couldn't tell if it was his speech impediment that inserted the "L" in Jim, or if his name was, indeed, Jilm. I've noted his presence on occasion at the store, but never thought anything of it. I guess I felt sorry for him. He walks with a limp, and wears a glowing, oversized vest with reflectors on it. One of his eyes doesn't work. Or if it does, it's not looking in the same direction as the other eye.

Jilm spoke like he knew me well. Maybe he does. He told me that if I don't watch out, I could get run over.

I've thought about that statement for the past several hours and as I'm writing I've come to realize what he meant. My general disposition and outlook on life has indeed changed recently. Jilm gave me the green light, but warned me that I'm entering a new place and to go about it cautiously.

I told me wife about the encounter and she laughed. I'm sure she is just not used to me acting this way and it's her pleasant, but nervous way of dealing with the unknown. I think there may be a lot more of that to come.


  1. Just did a random and found this.

    Bruder, three words: lighten up. You think you're the only one not having these thoughts? Non. C'est everyone, but, thing is, they know how to not hide it, you don't.

    You do know you should be hiding it, right?

    Peace and light, bruder.


  2. Sammy, is that you? It's Lucy Brown, from CCSU. We had freshman calculus together -- and a few dates! I remember you well. Are you ok? I can't quite follow what you're talking about on your blog thing. I would advise that you don't talk to that grocery guy anymore. You know, the stores hire people with disabilities, if you know what I mean.

    I'm living in Hartford, Connecticut now. We should catch up. I'm divorced. How can I get in touch with you?